Welcome to the website of the Nashville Presbytery!

The Nashville Presbytery is a presbytery of the Presbyterian Church in America.

Our next stated meeting is our 114th Meeting scheduled for April 11, 2023 at Parish Presbyterian Church.

The meeting will begin at 1:00PM, and we ask that only essential and time-sensitive business be conducted at this meeting. We ask that Committee Chairmen please reschedule any guest presenters for a future meeting and, if you have any questions, contact me concerning your reports.

We will spend significant time in prayer and worship and have a meal together that evening.

  • A list of our member churches may be found here.
  • Members may access meeting documents here.
  • If you would like a list of our committees and their membership, that can be found here.
  • If you are a member of presbytery looking for a ministerial directory, reports for an upcoming meeting, minutes of a previous meeting, or a copy of our standing rules, you can go here. This page requires a password. You can contact the Stated Clerk if you do not have the password.
  • If you’d like information on becoming a candidate for the ministry, start here.
  • To contact us, go here.

Our presbytery bounds include all of Middle Tennessee and a portion of southwestern Kentucky, as illustrated on the map below (click on the map for a larger image).

Nashville Presbytery Map