The Nashville Presbytery conducts much of its work in committee. The following are our current committees and their chairmen. Click on a committee to see their membership. Click on the chairman’s name (on that committee’s page) to contact him by email. All committee information is current as of 10 November 2015.

  1. The Facilitating Committee: Rev. Len Hendrix, Chairman
  2. The Campus Ministry Committee: Rev. Tom Darnell, Chairman
  3. The Church Planting Committee: Rev. Paul Joiner, Chairman
  4. The Leadership Development Committee: Rev. David Filson, Chairman
  5. The Mercy and Missions Committee: Rev. Ryan C. Doyle, Chairman
  6. The Shepherding Committee: Rev. Stacey Croft and Rev. Richard Schwartz, Co-Chairmen
  7. The Committee on Judicial Business: Ruling Elder Gif Thornton, Chairman
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