Shepherding Committee

The purpose of the Shepherding Committee is to aid the individual churches and the Presbytery as a whole in becoming gospel-shaped communities in which people receive support, encouragement, and accountability from one another.  Specifically the Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  1. VACATED as of 11/10/2010
  2. Reviewing sessional records for the Presbytery at the first Stated Meeting of every calendar year;
  3. VACATED; (Moved to 6-7 Leadership Development Committee)
  4. Reviewing changes in pastoral calls, and encouraging congregations in their responsibilities for the care of their ministers, providing pastoral care as needed, especially in circumstances of changes in or dissolution of pastoral calls;
  5. Reviewing the reasons for absences from meetings of Presbytery and providing pastoral care where needed;
  6. Serving as a resource for reconciliation and mediation, and encouraging mutual shepherding and mentoring throughout the Presbytery;
  7. Pastoral oversight of ministers without call, encouraging them in their pursuit of a call and continued engagement in the life of the Church;
  8. Meeting with ministers who are without call at least annually to provide pastoral care.


TE Stacey Croft, Co-Chairman
TE Richard Schwartz, Co-Chairman
TE Billy Barnes
TE Steven Chitty
TE Brandon Eggar
TE Jack Foster
RE Paul Richardson

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