Church Multiplication Committee

The purpose of the Church Planting Committee is to facilitate and lead the Presbytery in the process of planting churches within the bounds of our Presbytery that are committed to the Presbytery’s theological vision, core values and guiding principles. Specifically the Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  1. developing and coordinating a strategic plan for church planting within the Presbytery;
  2. coordinate joint efforts with specific churches seeking to plant churches;
  3. provide supervision for mission churches and guide them through the process to particularization;
  4. recruiting and identifying potential church planters for our Presbytery in coordination with the Leadership Development Committee;
  5. cooperate with Mission to North America and the Southeast Regional Coordinator for church planting.


TE Eric Ashley, Co-Chairman
TE Jonathan Hager, Co-Chairman
TE Dave Baggett
TE Paul Boyd
TE Randy Draughon
TE Tony Giles
TE Paul Joiner
RE Randy Lovelace
TE Charles McGowan
RE Charles Merritt
RE Paul Richardson

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