Campus Ministry Committee

The purpose of the Campus Ministry Committee is to promote the strategic importance of leadership development through Reformed University Fellowships on college and university campuses within our Presbytery; to provide oversight to the existing campus ministers and campus ministries; and initiate new campus ministries on the many campuses within our bounds. Specifically the Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  1. developing and coordinating a strategic plan for campus ministries within the Presbytery;
  2. communicate and coordinate with Reformed University Ministries Coordinator on the General Assembly level;
  3. provide supervision for the established campus ministries in the bounds of our Presbytery;
  4. provide support and accountability to the campus ministers in our Presbytery;
  5. recruiting and identifying potential campus ministers for our Presbytery in coordination with the Leadership Development Committee;


TE Stacy Croft (co-chairman)
TE Ben Griffith (co-chairman)
RE Brad Barnes
RE Steve Green
RE Todd Hulgan
TE Darrell Jones
TE Chad Scruggs
RE Justin Shepherd
TE Nate Shurden
RE Jim Smith
RE Henry Thomas

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