Leadership Development Committee

The purpose of the Leadership Development Committee is to facilitate the process by which men are identified and prepared for the ministry of the gospel, and to help them assess their calling, gifts, skills, and knowledge for effective service for our Lord Jesus Christ in His Church.  Specifically the Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  1. Conducting examinations of applicants for ministerial credentials and ensuring that such examinations are conducted in a timely and equitable way, in conformity with the BCO;
  2. Work with the Campus Ministry Committee and the Church Planting Committees in identifying, recruiting, and nurturing potential new leaders and pastors within the bounds of the Presbytery;
  3. Providing for ministerial and theological training seminars;
  4. Developing position papers acceptable to the Presbytery on issues which are important to the on-going work of the Presbytery;
  5. Providing care to Ministerial Candidates under care of Presbytery.
  6. Receiving and considering changes of call to an “out of bounds” status and making a recommendation to the presbytery regarding approval, according to the direction provided in BCO 8-7;
  7. Overseeing the work of teaching elders serving outside the bounds of presbytery, according to BCO 8-7;
  8. Administrative oversight of men without call, according to BCO 13-2.


TE David Filson, Chairman
TE Mitchell Carter, Clerk
TE Ryan Anderson
TE Matthew Bradley
TE Weston Duke
TE Mika Edmondson
RE Buz Graham
RE Rick Malone
TE Nathan McCall
TE Jonathan Nash
TE Brian Phillips
RE Bryce Sullivan
TE Tim Tan
TE Kevin Twit

LDC Manual for Candidates

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