Facilitating Committee

The Purpose of the Facilitating Committee is to provide the organization, planning process, information services, meeting space, agenda preparation services, and record keeping that will enable the Presbytery effectively to accomplish its God-given vision. The Stated Clerk shall be a member of the Facilitating Committee, and the Committee shall assist the clerk in the operations of his ministry. The Committee shall oversee the administrative work of the Presbytery, generally ensuring the maintenance of the theological vision, core values and guiding principles of Presbytery. Specifically, the Committee shall be responsible for the following:

  1. developing and maintaining appropriate organizational structures;
  2. presenting nominations to the Presbytery for officers, for Standing Committees and their chairmen, and for various General Assembly committees and boards;
  3. coordinating and ensuring the work of the Standing Committees;
  4. coordinating all correspondence with the Stated Clerk;
  5. prepare and propose Presbytery financial records with the Stated Clerk;
  6. making arrangements for Presbytery meetings, including planning the worship services;
  7. producing and distributing the agenda prior to each meeting of Presbytery.


TE George Grant, Chairman
TE Paul Boyd
TE Matt Bradley
RE John Bryant
RE Buz Graham, Recording Clerk
TE Len Hendrix
RE Patrick Kelly
TE Ian Sears
TE R. Neil Spence, Stated Clerk
RE Jack L. Watkins, Treasurer
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